sábado, 21 de mayo de 2016

Crystal Houses, MVRDV

location: amsterdam, netherlands
completed: april, 2016

MVRDV has made house buildings with glass and terracota facades in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The idea was an innovative way of constructing buildings without destroying the overall view of the city and its typical houses, with heritage sensibility.

Because of sensitivity of the materials, there was the need for a high level of accuracy and craftsmanship and building. "as this project is the first of its kind, new construction methods and tools had to be utilized: from high-tech lasers and laboratory grade UV-lamps, to slightly lower-tech dutch full-fat milk, which, with its low transparency, proved to be an ideal liquid to function as a reflective surface for leveling the first layer of bricks. strength tests proved that the glass-construction was in many ways stronger than a concrete alternative, with the full-glass architrave capable of withstanding a force equivalent to two full-sized SUVs".

Particularly speaking, this is very interesting, however, it needs to find a faster way of building this type of facade, instead of the long time taking of drying the glue and craftsmanswork of the glass brick - hence, a more industrial method. 

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