viernes, 8 de abril de 2016

La Trufa · Antón García Abril

Project: La Trufa
Architect: Ensamble Studio | Antón García Abril
Location: Costa da Morte, Galicia (Spain)
Date: 2010

"The Truffle" is a extremely small sustainable house located in a cliff area of North Spain. With just 25 sqm, this house is completely blended with its natural environment, making it another piece of earth.

The most highlighted aspect of this project is its construction process. Earth, concrete and hay bales were the only materials employed. Then, with the help of Paulina, a cow who ate all the hay, The Truffle took this amorphous shape. 

The first step was diking on the ground, creating a hole and removing the topsoil. The next action was to fill it up with hay bales, as the air volume within the house. After, pouring concrete to wrap this whole volume. In short, hay bales were used for the negative space and concrete for the positive one. This is because they hay bales will later be removed by the feeding of a cow. 

With one single space, this small house provides all the necessary comfort for its privileged user. Its process and location resembles the most pure nature, helping the creation of a contemplative space.

To check more about the on-site construction process, here it is the link to the video: 

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