viernes, 12 de junio de 2015


This modular prefabricated system is based on hexagons, often considered nature’s most efficient shape, to create a home not dissimilar to a beehive’s honeycombs. Hexagon modules have been used to great effect in the HiveHaus allowing a house with a small floor space to feel incredibly spacious.

Each room features several sets of wall-to-floor windows allowing plenty of light in and offering panoramic views. To save space sliding doors have been used between modules and circular skylight have been incorporated into every module giving the house an almost futuristic, Star Wars feel.

Hexagonal rooms might seem harder to furnish and live in than the rectangular spaces we have become accustomed to but they actually work really well in Barry Jackson’s HiveHaus. For example a hexagonal bedroom is perfect as the honeycomb shape allows the bed to be positioned in the middle of the room with the spaces on either side tapering in to allow access without wasting space.

Likewise the living space feels more cosy and communal as seating in a many-faceted room tends to point inwards. Extraordinarily, the rear wall which houses a log burning stove can be opened in its entirety.

Hexagons are a far more practical and aesthetically pleasing shape than the often sought after circular or rounded rooms seen in modern architecture programs such as Grand Designs.

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