lunes, 1 de junio de 2015

3d Printing developments | Star Lounge & other developments by Emerging Objects & Bold Machines

Emerging Objects

The use of 3d printing in architecture is one of the research fields of these years. Printing time, printing size and the capacity of being structural are some of the main issues that we are still dealing with nowadays. Emerging Objects, together with the help of Bold Machines, was able to develop a free standing 3d structure, taking advantage of the geometry used. The geodesic dome is made of 2073 hexagonal translucent blocks and their colour differs so to facilitate the assembly.  

It is interesting to see how the concept of 'production' changes with 3d printing, as opposed to more traditional construction materials. In order to create the pieces of Star Lounge, a real factory of 100 3d printing machines was used. Here, each machine was able to print an average of two pieces in just more than one hour. One great advantage is that the connections and the numbering were included in the printing of the pieces, leaving the part of the assembly just to screwing the pieces together.

Here there is a video of the assembly process, done by parts.

The work of Emerging Objects does not limit itself to the construction of small lounges, rather their aim is to apply this technique to the construction of houses and possibly bigger buildings. 
One step closer to achieve this goal was made a couple of years ago, when the team was able to patent a cement polymer for 3d printing, a material that can be reinforced with fiber, becoming even stronger and lighter than standard concrete. 


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