jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

"Smart Masonry" - ZAarchitects

Project: System / Case study building is the Building-Makers Center
Architects: ZAarchitects
Site: Berlin, Germany
Year: 2015

Although masonry construction is not the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to digital construction and fabrication, ZAarchitects have studied possibilities to change this reality.

Traditional stone or masonry construction have always been linked to heavy structures and limited sunlight exposure when compared to other materials. However, it is possible nowadays to calculate and reduce the dead weight of the structure, and therefore open new possibilities to make masonry or stone load-bearing structures lighter.

Modern technologies also allow for the exploration of new geometries in the search for lighter masonry structures. Smart Masonry uses robotic construction techniques in order to ensure the precision of the manufacturing of each element, especially those that derive from complex geometry.

Complex geometry, such as seen in the case study building, not only help decrease the weight of the structure but also the cost of material.


The assembly of the system happens on site through the installation of a robotic arm on each floor. According to the architects, this installation occupies less space than other on-site masonry techniques and also reduce the overall labor costs.

Sources: ZAarchitects, ArchDaily

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