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Heijmans One Zeeburgereiland Amsterdam

Heijman's One

Heijmans, a European construction company, have created a prefabricated house which meets demands for the qualitative properties of a house, as well as to create low rent costs. It is a house which once each module is brought to the site, it is placed and  finished in less than 24 hours. The modules are prefabricated wooden structures. The house comes fully furnished by IKEA and it runs off of solar power. The rent of the whole house is aimed to me 700 euros a month.

"Heijmans ONE intelligently combines two issues: a shortage of good temporary rental houses and the dreary sight of empty areas. Heijmans ONE is a beautiful complete home that is placed temporarily in empty urban areas. It has all the necessary facilities, such as a kitchen, bathroom, large living room with an open space, a separate bedroom and its own front door with an outside patio" (Heijmans).
The house is split into two modules, which form an open space. 

Ground Floor. Heijmans.

First Floor. Heijmans.

Information from Dezeen and Heijmans.

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