miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Your house within weeks

NOEM is a Spanish based company which is specialized in prefab modular houses. They work with 0 emission materials and dry construction methods which allow their constructions to be fast, clean easy to build in alsmost any environment. They have three different lines of design among which I chose to show you NOEM GO.

With the NOEM GO , construction system you can start enjoying your new space within weeks by combining modules. Define the use, autonomy level and the options you need. You can customize interior and exterior skins, textures, colors, the distribution of windows and doors. And if, later on, you need to increase or decrease size, change distribution or location, no problem, because NOEM GOis made for just that.

After 8 weeks of production time in their workshop, they transport the modules by road and assemble them on the ground in a few days, avoiding the delays of traditional building methods. 

I am uploading a few images although I think you should check their webpage www.noem.com. I think the system is quite interesting, mainly because of teh type of foundation they use that allows to remove the modules without damaging the environment. I think it can be usefull mainly for Sara :). All the technical documents are in their Technical files although there are no technical drawings. However, the way they present the information is also quite useful for all of us as it is presented as a quite simple manual.

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