jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013


Also in Germany once again we can find this other watchtower that can also serve as a landmark for the city. It is called the Indemann, and is a 60 m tall robot. 

It is characterized  by its striking external appearance, but the real surprise lies in the staged experiences that the visitors can expect in its interior.  

The public experience the building as a composition of architectonic experiments, with tremendous overhanging elements, surprising transparencies and, for example, accessible grid floors in the outstretched robot arm 18 metres above the ground.

But the interesting thing is that added to the frame, they have thought about a led panels system, all the from as 40.000 LEds on it. This is the first LED façade to be realised on this scale in Europe and it works like a folded screen and can have animations projected onto it. In this way the watchtower creates a true lighthouse effect when it’s dark. 

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