jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

Movable panels

First sorry for the images, when I previewed the posts they looked OK, I don't know why they disappeared...I will solve it in the next days

For my last post, the one regarding panelized systems, I am going to show you a movable system. Last week I had a meeting with the manufacturer that is going to produce our furniture, and I learned a lot about construction details and nice projects like this one that he showed me:

The enterprise that does this is called Trak Kit, which is a specialist on movable screens. What they have created are suspended screens or even panels from a track system to allow for a linear, rotation and vertical display movement path. The flat screen could be therefore used in any area, allowing you enjoy the tv everywhere, integrating all the cables inside the track. 

The application that this has to architecture is simple: they integrate these TV screens in panels that can rotate or move, opening or closing the spaces and transforming a living room into a library, a library into a room etc. I think it is very interesting the concept of flexibility of space, but in this case they are also applying the idea of the movable TV, which is even more interesting, specially for office spaces. 

Some photos of the process of the walls:

 The general plans of the attachment of the TV with the panels and the track system to move them:

It allows different degrees of linear movement and rotation :

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