jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

dragon skin

This is a project called Dragon Sking pavilion, which was done by students at Tampere University of Techonology, in Finland.

It is a temporal pavillion composed by a "autoportant" structure composed by laminated wood pieces builded with hot temperatures and matching them together, defining the final surface, showing the technical and aesthetically posilibities that we have implementing design and materials to digital fabrication. 

The purposal was made in the workshop "material design and digital fabrication workshop" that the university organized. 

The process of design and fabrication of the surface uses smaller elements: planar laminated wood sheets, not very thick, with a square shape, and with some openings to solve the matching with the other pieces. Then they are folded with a mechanic process.

Finnally the pieces are numerated and matched manually, in a way by which they can be removed afterwords and reused easily.

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  1. I consider that this kind of projects are amazing but the key point for me would be how these developments could be applied for the emergency and social architecture...