miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

Casa Elemental Tecno Panel

Hello everybody!

Along this last week I have found some nice examples for the blog. This one The Tecno panel house is by our friends of Elemental who apart from work we have seen on the conferences they have also created other other projects such as this one with low budgets.
This project i think is a good one in order to understand the basic needs for a shelter and how thanks to the panelized system they are able to building in a fast and effective way with not much human force.
Th project Is designed and sold with three different sizes raging 24m2, 30 and 36m2, with cross vetilation and natural light. According tho their website, it can be assembled in one day with a team of 3 people and has a cost of 1990dollars per module. The project works as a white box since it only gives the basic four walls and allows the user to conform it accoridng to its basic needs.
What I like of this project and what it has been useful for me is to see how this is a very solid module and that although its for emergency situations, it can be used for long times and even as definitive module of housing.

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