miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

MIMA_Room Module House

Hello !

To finish with my "Portuguese day"  I am posting the MIMA House first designed a couple of years ago and that was awarded with the Archdaily building of the year 2011. I think is a very good example of customized "low cost architecture" and designed to last and not as a temporary shelter.

The concept of the house is inspired in Japanese architecture and the aim is to mas produce a module but give plenty of customization options to the owners. From a very early stage the client is included on the design providing him the option to select the amount of windows  the type of glass, the type of internal modulation etc. Once designed the module is transported and placed on site, previously studied with a computer program designed fro by MIMA and that allows to create the type of foundations and weight specification and distribution of the house without even going to  the site.
Additionally, the client can also acquire partitions and sun shading panels to be placed on the house according to the changing needs. This allows a hig degree of flexibility both in plan and in façade. This is possible thanks to the ground grid of 1.5*1.5 on the floor that allows to anchor the panels.

I think its a very good example of an ikea catalogue house with a quite high degree of customization and flexibility.

A single house is for sale from 36.500e on.

I recommend you to visit the site since i find it a very good reference of module room house.


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  1. The result is quite nice. Not many projects achieve this flexibility with such a good interior design.
    The solution of the flexible partitions is really good.