miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

How to build your own living structures_Ken Isaacs

Hi again!

I just found this book in Issuu, which is more kind of a instructions book, on how to build your own living structures.

I found it quite interesting as it explains the users, programs, context .... as well as how to really build every piece of the module depending on the necessitites of the users.

It really remind me what Jaime presented the other day, thinking about a future document that would compound the process of design and development.

Hope it is helpful!

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  1. Jeje!
    It is very interesting, indeed! I did not know this book but I recommend it to all of you. It gives you lots and original ideas of self-construction shelters.
    I also like the way it is written, the drawings, the explanations...
    And indeed it is quite close to your assignment.