martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Habitable Cupboard. Coll-Leclerc

architects: Jaime Coll, Judith Leclerc
state: builded
site: Construmat, Barcelona
client: public
budget: less than 1 million €

From the concept of “Domestic Landscape” we found here an amazing example of architecture designed by modules, whit recycled materials. This is a dwelling without walls, where the interior space is distributed by pieces of compact furniture that can be dismantled. This is thought in order to obtain flexible and open spaces for social dwelling.

They defined two catalogues, “E” catalogue for equipment, and “V” for plan variations. “E” had packed its pieces in a volume of 100x195x250cm called “Mueble Habitable”. This is the main element that determines the different uses and functions of the house, by rotating, gliding, or crumbling down the pieces of the furniture, on the house floor. Where these pieces are located is defined in “V” catalogue, with different possibilities for social housing. Each user is able to create different spaces, because of the flexibility of this furniture, and it also has to be able to be dismantled at a certain point of its life.

To get more information about this project, you should read the article published in this webpage:

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